Nutri AirFry 5.5L XL Digital Air Fryer

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✔  THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE - Easily create healthy flavorful dishes in no time. Perfect for frying, grilling, roasting and baking.

✔  80% LESS OIL - Get the delicious taste of fried food using little to no oil with less calories and fat than traditional fried cooking methods.

✔ FAST, CONVENIENT AND QUIET - Convection fans rapidly circulate heated air so food is evenly cooked and crispy in 30 minutes or less.

✔  5.5L CAPACITY - XL fry basket so you can feed the entire family. Comes with a food separator so you can airy fry two things at once.

✔  DIGITAL CONTROLS - Features temperature controls, custom timer and seven preset cooking times.

✔  SAFE, EASY TO USE - No splatter, no mess. Features a removable non-stick fry basket with non-slip base and safety release handle.

Ready To Buy?

Fry food faster and healthier with Healthy Cuisine's Nutri AirFry Air Fryer. It can be difficult to resist the urge to indulge in unhealthy fried foods, but thanks to the Nutri AirFry you can take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle without having to give up on the taste of fried foods that you love. What's the secret? The Nutri AirFry uses high velocity rapid air circulation technology while using little to no oil to fry, grill, roast and even bake healthy meals, snacks and treats. Now you can get the delicious taste of fried food from the comfort of your kitchen to satisfy your cravings with less calories and fat than traditional fried cooking methods.

Cook a variety of items in 30 minutes or less like french fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, meatballs, bacon, fried chicken, steaks, chops, fish, fried shrimp, grilled cheese, roasted vegetables, eggs, quiche, hamburgers, muffins, hand pies, donuts, etc., the possibilities are endless! You can even cook two different food items at the same time utilizing the fry basket food separator. The result? Whatever you cook, you can expect a tasty crispy texture while having a juicy and moist middle.

The Nutri AirFry is the most convenient, dependable and affordable way to create healthy flavorful dishes without all of the mess and fuss of a traditional deep fryer.

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The Healthy Alternative

Discover a healthier way of frying with little to no oil that reduces fat and calorie intake compared to conventional oil frying. The large 5.5L fry basket allows you to cook fast and delicious meals for your entire family to enjoy. The air fryer can even cook up to an 8 pound turkey breast or 6 pound whole chicken.


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Digital Controls

The Nutri AirFry makes air frying fun and easy to do. The air fryer features a large digital LCD display, temperature controls and a custom 60 minute timer. Select one of seven cooking presets for the most common recipes such as french fries, fried shrimp, chicken, steaks, fish, baked goods and even includes the defrost mode to easily cook frozen foods.




Convenient Cooking

Experience the joy of fast, convenient and quiet air frying. Powerful convection fans rapidly circulate heated air to ensure your favorite foods are evenly cooked and crispy in 30 minutes or less. The Nutri AirFry is also a great way to reheat leftovers. Simply adjust the temperature from 180°F - 390°F using the digital controls. The air fryer is designed to enter stand-by mode anytime the fry basket is removed during the cooking process. Sliding the basket back in with a press of a button will resume cooking. When the cooking cycle is complete, the fryer will auto switch off so your food won't overcook.


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Safe To Use, Easy To Clean

Cooking and cleanup with the Nutri AirFry is a breeze. There's no smell, no splatter, no mess. The 5.5L detachable fry basket is non-stick making removing food and grease easy after cooking. The fry basket and fry basket food separator are dishwasher safe. The air fryer comes built with many safety features like non-slip base, auto shut off, double protection circuit detection and cool to the touch easy grip handle. The handle includes a safety cover on the basket's release button to prevent accidental spills from the sliding food tray.